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What Is It Like to Have Laser Liposcution (Smartipo®)?

Hearing a liposuction patient’s firsthand account of the experience can help you understand the procedure and decide whether it’s a surgery that fits your needs and lifestyle. Men and women considering liposuction come to our Roanoke plastic surgery practice from Lynchburg, VA, and beyond, and in this blog post, one of them shares their experience with the procedure.

1. How has laser lipo affected your life?

Having laser lipo has affected my life by positively helping me improve myself physically and by minimally interrupting my normal daily life.

2. Did a friend or celebrity having this procedure motivate or inspire you?

No, I like to think I inspired myself. After several years of cardio, weight training, and a healthy diet, there were a few areas of my body that didn’t respond to the exercise. Smartlipo® was the perfect choice for me.

3. When did you first start thinking about plastic surgery? Can you describe the moment you decided you were going to have this procedure?

I had read about it over the years. Let’s face it, usually when you are younger, it’s much easier to look the way you want. As we age, maintenance becomes more difficult.

The defining moment was when I had a consultation with Dr. Silberblatt. He explained the procedure to me and put me right at ease. I knew he had many years of training and experience and was board certified in Plastic Surgery. With that combination, I scheduled immediately.

4. Did you go through a lot of before-and-after pictures at Dr. Silberblatt’s office?

Dr. Silberblatt had several photographs of before-and-after surgery’s to view. He explained that I would not look like photos of someone else but an improved version of me.

5. What was the most difficult part of your recovery? Did anything help ease the pain?

The most difficult part of recovery was wearing the compression garment for the first five days after surgery. It felt a bit confining, but Dr. Silberblatt and his staff really explained the importance of wearing it. I did just as instructed, and I think this made a difference in a quick recovery.

As for pain, the first 24 hours I took medication prescribed by Dr. Silberblatt. (You can learn more about the post-surgical experience in our related blog post.)

6. How long until you felt better?

By the second day, I felt a bit sore, and the specific areas were sensitive but not a problem. I never really felt bad. I went back to work within a week.

7. Describe one experience since your surgery when you looked at yourself and just said, “Wow!”

Well, I’m not sporting a six-pack, but whenever I put on my bikini, I can see my abdominal muscles.

8. Having already gone through this process, what is the single most important thing you learned? What would you say to anyone currently considering this procedure? What is your advice?

  • Have reasonable expectations!
  • Choose your surgeon wisely. (I was glad I had a choice of having anesthesia or not.)
  • Listen and follow instructions before and after the procedure.
  • If you don’t already have an exercise program in place, adopt one. If you currently enjoy a healthy lifestyle, continue it.

9. Are you going to tell all of your friends and family that you had a procedure or let them wonder?

I tell everyone. I’m proud that I made an educated decision about laser lipo. It not only makes me look better, but it makes me feel more confident inside and out.

10. If your Dr. Silberblatt were here right now, what would you say?

Thanks for your expertise in helping me to be the best I can be.

If you’re interested in contouring your body with liposuction, we’re happy to answer your questions. Use our online contact form to request a consultation or call us at (540) 776-1600 to schedule an appointment.

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