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What’s it like to have a Blephroplasty?

Blephroplasty is an eyelid operation to either remove excess skin on the upper eyelids or reposition the fat on the lowers. David was 60, when he came to Dr. Silberblatt for lower eyelids. His complaint was that the shadows under his eyes made him look tired and older than he felt. He had previously been a skin care patient and had Fraxel. Dr. Silberblatt performs this and other plastic surgery procedures such as laser liposuction, breast augmentations, tummy tucks and face lifts in his accredited surgery center. Skin care includes Biomedic Micorpeels (lunchtime peels), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, and Fraxel Laser Resurfacing. Medical strength skincare products, Botox and facial fillers are also available. Latisse (FDA approved to increase the length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes) is now available by prescription.

1. How has having a lower eyelid procedure affected your life?

I was tired of looking tired. Every morning when I would look in the mirror I would see these dark shadows and bags that would not go away. I felt I was too young to look that old and wanted a change. I now feel and see the difference. I don’t look so tired or angry anymore.

2. Did a friend or celebrity having this procedure motivate or inspire you?

A friend of mine had the operation and it seemed to make them look more rested and less tired. I first thought they had just had been more relaxed until I found out that they had an operation.

3. When did you first start thinking about plastic surgery? Can you describe the moment you decided your were going to have this procedure?

I’ve always known that if I needed something done that it was a possibility but never really felt that I would be doing it. One morning as I was looking in the mirror I pulled back on the corner of my eyes and noticed that the bags went back up and in. I remembered that was the way I used to look before. I wanted that back.

4. Did you go through a lot of before/after pictures?

I went through some. I couldn’t help but notice how it changed the persons over all look. They looked more relaxed. I wanted that look and feeling again.

5. What was the most difficult part of your recovery? Did anything help ease the pain?

The day of the procedure is sort of a blur. They did it without anesthesia and only a local.. I remember having it done but I slept during it and all the way home afterwards and most of that day. In the afternoon I thought I would take a pill for pain but it made me sleep some more. Later that night I just took Tylenol and it was all I needed. Sleeping on my back was hard at first but I grew used to it, sort of. I was glad after they let me return to my side.

6. How long until you felt better?

I felt much better the next day but each day after that was a step up. When they finally got the stitches out, I was on my way to full recovery. It took about a week to fully be myself again.

7. Describe one experience since your surgery when you looked and yourself and just said, “Wow!”

After all of the bruising was done, (about a week) and I saw myself in the mirror, I was blown away. I looked like I did when I had pulled the corners back and did not look tired anymore.

8. Having already gone through this process, what is single most important thing you learned? What would you say to anyone currently considering this procedure? What is your advice?

I learned that not all lower eyelid operations are the same. I had and have seen some people have the fat pads removed from the lower eyes and they have a hollow look about them. The way Dr. Silberblatt just repositions those pads back where they were before makes more sense. Mine look like they did when I was younger; not all empty eyehole like.

9. Are you going to tell all of your friends and family that you had a procedure or let them wonder?

I have not hidden that I had this done. At first one of my kids was not too keen about doing it but since I don’t even think he remembers that I have had it done. I just look like myself. I don’t go out of my way telling anyone but I at the same time they don’t ask either. I think it just looks like I used to and so that’s what they are seeing when I run into an old friend.

10. If Dr. Silberblatt were here right now, what would you say?

Thank you. You have made my eyes look the way I feel. I was not ready to look tired all the time or as old as my age. I needed a little freshener upper and you gave it to me.

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