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Selecting the Correct Breast Implant Shape and Size

photo525Selecting the correct implant shape and size depends on a number of different factors unique to every breast augmentation patient. During the consultation process, I seek to fully educate patients on all available options to ensure they make the most informed decisions about their breast implants. In addition to creating realistic expectations for the final outcome, this also helps me more effectively achieve each patient’s individual goals.

When determining the ideal breast implant shape, we have to weigh the pros and cons of each option in regard to the patient’s unique body structure. At my practice, I offer both anatomically-shaped implants and round implants. As suggested by their name, anatomically-shaped implants are designed specifically to resemble the shape of a natural breast, in many instances making them a good option for patients who desire a lower profile with less fullness on top. In contrast, round implants are designed to create added volume in the upper breast area, often resulting in a look similar to what a push-up bra might produce.

When helping patients select the proper implant size, I like to utilize “implant sizers”. During the consultation, I will provide a spandex top that patients can wear to try on the various sizers available at my practice. By doing so, they can more accurately visualize how they may look with particular implant sizes following surgery. Additionally, I will take several measurements of the breast to determine whether or not the implant size of choice can be safely accommodated.

Although I may provide recommendations for breast implant shapes and sizes based on the goals they have expressed, I leave the ultimate decision up to my patients. By thoroughly understanding the options available to them, I have found postoperative levels of satisfaction to be considerably higher.

Dr. Enrique Silberblatt, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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