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Gynecomastia vs. Pseudogynecomastia: What’s the Difference?

man-runningThe noticeable appearance of enlarged/overdeveloped breasts in men is a somewhat common condition experienced by many males all over the world. While the term “gynecomastia” is widely used to describe this concern, the condition may actually be classified as “pseudogynecomastia”, depending on its specific underlying cause.

The primary cause of true gynecomastia is the abnormal growth of male breast tissue, which typically starts to become apparent during puberty. As a result of its origin, the most effective treatment for gynecomastia is generally surgical tissue excision. In contrast, pseudogynecomastia is caused by a buildup of fat in the breasts, most often behind, around, and underneath the nipples. Though certain exercises and weightlifting may help tone muscles in the chest to help improve the appearance of pseudogynecomastia, the most effective treatment to completely eradicate symptoms is typically fat removal via liposuction.

In my experience, most males seeking treatment for gynecomastia are experiencing a combination of excess tissue and fat buildup in the breasts. For this reason, male breast reduction surgery at my practice often includes the surgical removal of breast tissue as well as liposuction. Following surgery, I have found that male breast reduction patients have been some of the happiest patients at my practice.

Dr. Enrique A. Silberblatt, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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