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Plastic Surgeon in Roanoke Reveals All About Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Enrique A. Silberblatt of Aesthetic Surgery of Virginia describes what prospective patients can generally expect in regard to breast reduction.

Roanoke, VA — For some women, breasts that are disproportionately large and/or heavy can lead to issues such as chronic shoulder and back pain, feelings of self-consciousness, and even an inability to take part in various activities of everyday life, states Virginia plastic surgeon Enrique A. Silberblatt, MD, FACS. Performed to remove undesired breast tissue while providing a minor lift, he continues, breast reduction surgery is a procedure that can help many patients attain a more proportional, comfortable breast size and contour, often reducing or completely alleviating the physical and mental discomfort associated with excessively large breasts.

At Aesthetic Surgery of Virginia, Dr. Silberblatt offers several different breast reduction techniques for qualified candidates, including an inferior pedicle, central mound, superior pedicle, and lateral pedicle approach. For extreme instances in which the breasts are so large that the nipples touch or extend beyond the bellybutton, he also provides a more extensive method involving the removal of breast tissue below the ribs and transfer of the nipple as a free graft.

For all breast reduction techniques excluding the latter approach, Dr. Silberblatt says incision options such as the circular, lollipop, and inverted “T” scar patterns can be employed, though he most commonly utilizes the inverted “T” method. “While the inverted “T” incision may be a bit longer than other techniques,” he writes in a recent blog post, “I have found it to consistently yield the best results with a superior quality scar.” He goes on to note that potential scarring from this breast reduction incision pattern – as well as most others – can often be concealed by nearly all varieties of bras and swimsuits.

During the actual breast reduction operation, Dr. Silberblatt explains that excessive skin and tissue will be removed as needed, and the nipple-areolar complex can be repositioned/elevated based on the unique needs of the patient. The breasts will generally be lifted to a higher position of the chest wall, and some degree of liposuction can also be administered to reduce fullness in the region. Dr. Silberblatt notes that the entire procedure takes approximately four hours to complete, though this will vary depending on the extent of the operation.

Following breast reduction surgery, the Virginia plastic surgeon says a thick cotton dressing will be placed around the chest to help facilitate the healing process. After about five days, this dressing is replaced, and special bras will need to be worn for approximately six weeks to support the breasts in their new position. Most women are able to return to non-strenuous jobs and daily routines within two to three weeks, he states, though work and activities that require heavy lifting or significant physical exertion may need to be avoided for about six weeks.

Ultimately, Dr. Silberblatt says breast reduction surgery is considered by many to be one of the most rewarding plastic surgeries available, though he emphasizes the importance of seeking a qualified and experienced physician to wholly reap the procedure’s benefits. “By choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who has achieved excellent results for a great number of patients, you can be more certain you are receiving the safest, most effective care and treatment for your individual needs.”

About Enrique A. Silberblatt, MD, FACS

After graduating from Princeton University, Dr. Silberblatt went on to obtain his medical degree from New York Medical College. Subsequently, he completed his Internship in General Surgery at the University of Miami, followed by his Residency in General Surgery at the University of Massachusetts and Residency in Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Renowned for his personalized approach to aesthetic surgery, Dr. Silberblatt is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of several esteemed medical organizations.


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