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Increased Confidence Is Just One Benefit of a Tummy Tuck

Confident woman smiling after a tummy tuck in Roanoke, VA

Removing excess abdominal skin is the reason most women and men consider a tummy tuck at our Roanoke, VA, plastic surgery practice. Abdominoplasty—usually called a tummy tuck—is an excellent solution for patients who have lost significant weight and want plastic surgery to create a flatter stomach.

What many people don’t know, however, is that tummy tuck surgery offers other benefits, including some that are non-cosmetic. One of these benefits is the confidence that’s regained. That’s especially true for women who want their pre-pregnancy bodies back and patients who remain insecure about their appearances after massive weight loss.

It can be frustrating for people who develop healthy lifestyle habits but still feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits or other clothes that reveal their midsections. Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most transformational procedures plastic surgeons perform, as you can see in our gallery of before-and-after photos featuring some of our actual patients.

What Are the Other Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

Patients may be pleasantly surprised when they hear that tummy tuck surgery can accomplish more than just getting rid of unwanted abdominal skin. Here’s a look at some of those other benefits:

  1. Removing stretch marks or scars: The skin removed during a full tummy tuck is often the same skin that bears post-pregnancy stretch marks and C-section scars.
  2. Fat removal: Liposuction is usually performed during tummy tuck surgery to remove localized fat pockets and create a smooth contour for patients. Long-term studies have also found that weight loss surgery patients who get body contouring plastic surgery such as a tummy tuck are more likely to keep off excess weight.
  3. Hernia repair: Hernias occur when the intestine or abdominal tissue protrudes through abdominal wall muscles. They can be uncomfortable and unsightly, and plastic surgeons often recommend having hernias repaired during a tummy tuck.
  4. Minimize urinary incontinence: Women with stress urinary incontinence experience uncontrolled bladder leakage, especially when they sneeze, cough, or laugh. This primarily affects women who have delivered babies vaginally. The worry about finding a restroom when away from home is stressful and reduces the quality of life for these patients.
  5. Reduce back pain: A study published a couple of years ago in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® found that patients who underwent tummy tuck surgery often noticed diminished back pain after the surgery. Core muscles weakened during pregnancy sometimes lead to increased strain on back muscles as they try to compensate. In some cases, tummy tuck surgery can strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Another condition often mentioned when discussing abdominoplasty is diastasis recti. This occurs when abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy and result in a “belly pooch.” Many surgeons suture these muscles together, which can cause more post-op discomfort than a standalone tummy tuck. In my experience, this technique is rarely needed.

It’s important that you choose a plastic surgeon who regularly performs abdominoplasty and who is someone you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and goals with. Patients considering a tummy tuck travel from Lynchburg, Lexington, and throughout Virginia to our Roanoke practice. You can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (540) 776-1600 to schedule an appointment.

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