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When making a big decision, such as choosing a plastic surgeon, it can be helpful to review the experiences of his or her patients. On this page, we have collected just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from women and men who have chosen board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Silberblatt for their plastic surgery in Roanoke, VA.

General Plastic Surgery

Dr. Silberblatt & Staff,

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and care that I received from all of you. It’s been three weeks since my surgery and I feel great. I am so happy with the results! They look great! Thank you so much! If anyone would ask, I would definitely recommend you and your great staff. Thank you again!

W.H., Roanoke

Dr. Silberblatt,

I want to thank you and your office team so much for everything. You have made a huge impact on me. You and your entire team are simply wonderful. I was scared of getting the surgery, but I am so happy I did. You are a true blessing to your patients.

Thanks again,

T.J., Roanoke, March 5, 2018

I want to thank all of you for being so thoughtful and kind during my procedure and the visits before and after surgery. The warmth of the staff and the environment there were reasons I choose your practice.  I never felt pressured and I chose the size I was comfortable with, even though I asked numerous times for advice, I was still told it was my decision to make. The best decision I made was choosing Dr. Silberblatt and getting so much more in return. You have given me back my self-esteem!  We will be calling you again as our daughter is saving for her procedure next summer!

Thank you again.

D.A., Roanoke, VA

Thank you for such wonderful care.  Your professionalism and caring nature gave me a sense of comfort that was much needed. Special thanks to Dr. Silberblatt, his anesthesiologist, and his nurses.  Each of you calmed my nerves and made the process easier.  Please enjoy the bagels.

L.P., Roanoke, VA

Facial Plastic Surgery

When I was thinking of having a mini facelift, I asked my family and friends in the medical community who I should use. The name “Silberblatt” was repeated several times, so of course I Googled him. Plus, I knew two friends who had used his services and loved the fact that both said, “He made me feel special.” Dr. Silberblatt’s reputation for being very professional and meticulous, and the fact that he truly cares about his patients were more than enough reasons for me.

F.W., Roanoke, August 2018, mini facelift

I am thrilled with the results of my blepharoplasty and mini facelift. Dr. Silberblatt is wonderful. He listened to me and answered all my concerns. His staff is fabulous too. Five hundred characters is not enough to tell you how welcoming and positive they all are. It was a great experience, a great outcome and many “you look great”, “you look so rested” compliments later, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Dr. Silberblatt work on me again. I highly recommend him!!!

J.D., Roanoke, September 2018 (Eyelid Surgery and Mini Facelift)

Here I sit at home recovering from upper eyelid surgery and a lower eye area peel. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain from start to finish was a 1 or 2. I already feel my eyes look more “rested”. I have also received breast augmentation and BOTOX at Dr. Silberblatt’s office and must say I have been very pleased with everything.

The staff there has managed to make me feel as if I was the most important patient they have. I thank you all for that special touch- especially Alice. As said by the Terminator…”I’ll be back!”

L.T., eyelid surgery, Roanoke, VA

FemTouch™ Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

FemTouch has changed my life! As a woman in my early 50s, I was experiencing daily urinary stress incontinence and vaginal dryness. Following my first (and painless!) FemTouch treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in both of my symptoms and could not be happier. I can confidently sneeze and laugh again… and no more vaginal dryness!

Dr. Silberblatt, thank you for making me feel extremely comfortable before, during and after my procedure, and for helping me feel like my younger self again. With so much improvement after my first treatment, I cannot wait to see, and feel, my results following my third and final treatment. I give FemTouch and Dr. Silberblatt 5 stars!

A.C., Roanoke, VA (FemTouch), July 2018

This is my experience at Dr. Silberblatt’s office for FemTouch vaginal laser rejuvenation to treat vaginal dryness and severe pain during intercourse.

This is not an easy subject to talk about, but it is an important one.  When I found out about this treatment and became willing to open up to Dr. Silberblatt about it, I found him to be very easy to talk to. He was wonderful at explaining all about the treatment, what would happen, and what to expect.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous at my first treatment. I was afraid that it would be painful. And it was a bit painful in the beginning. But it was only painful for a few minutes and then that subsided.  After the first treatment, there were signs of a little bloody discharge for a day or two.  But that was the only time. The second treatment was much easier, as were the third and fourth.

The improvements happened slowly at first, but by the end of the fourth treatment, I was surprised and relieved at the improvement that I was experiencing!  It really did work!  I was very excited!  I never did experience any other side-effects.

During the procedure, Dr. Silberblatt’s all-female nursing staff was right by my side every step of the way to make sure that I was feeling relaxed and comfortable. By now, I feel like they are some of my best friends!!

I am so glad that I went ahead and had the treatment.  I feel like me again; part of me had been missing.  I had tried all the usual creams, but they did not work for me.

I highly recommend this treatment and I highly recommend Dr. Silberblatt.  Do not be afraid to talk to him. Honestly, he is a very professional, yet caring and kind man. I am sure that you will also find this to be true.

O.P., Roanoke, VA, October 18, 2018, FemTouch

Breast Augmentation

Dear Dr. Silberblatt,

Though you did my breast augmentation a long time ago – I didn’t mean to wait this long to tell you how thankful I am for the wonderful job you did and with how I look now.

Each day is a blessing. I even look forward to wearing clothes that didn’t look right on me before. I really was in denial, but thanks to you I accept myself now.

God bless you each day.

L.C., Roanoke, VA (Breast Augmentation)

Dear Dr. Silberblatt,

I have been wanting breast augmentation since I was 18. I have always been small, but after nursing, my breasts were even smaller. I am so very lucky to have found you. When I first spoke to Alice, who was more than pleasant to speak with, I explained to her how soon I wanted the surgery done. She immediately made me an appointment to meet you within two weeks.

When I first walked into your office, your staff was more than pleasant to deal with and treated me with the most respect ever. I have never felt so confident in doing something as I did with your staff.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like breast augmentation done. You have made my self-esteem skyrocket. My breasts are beautiful!!! And I love the size!!! I could not be any happier!! Thank you so much!!!

T.M., Roanoke, VA, breast augmentation

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Back in December, you performed laser resurfacing on my entire face. I can tell you that today people think I am 5 to 10 years younger than I am. My acne scarring has improved tremendously. Thank you for this gift.


L.C., Galax, VA (Laser Skin Resurfacing)

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