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Dr. Enrique Silberblatt

FullSizeRenderWhether it is a surgical procedure such as breast augmentation or a minimally invasive treatment like injectables, I feel it is paramount for patients to know as much as they can about the person they choose to perform their cosmetic enhancement. Strong communication fosters understanding and trust. The current trend for businessmen to take over and run medical practices has resulted in less time available for physicians to devote to each patient. I deplore this trend and do everything possible to spend the time needed with every patient to get to know his or her needs and expectations. For those who are interested in knowing my interests and passions, I am happy to share some of them.

I was born in Mexico but came to the US when I was five and grew up in New York City where my father is from. I spent my summers in Vermont and always loved the outdoors and forests. When I was ready to find a place to start a practice, Roanoke and its rural environment reminded me of my days in the Green Mountains so that is why I chose to move here.

I have two sons that I am very proud of. My older son is studying theater and economics at Northwestern University and my younger son is at Hidden Valley High School. I also have two Australian Shepherds.

My Spanish is fluent and I have some knowledge of Italian, French, German and Russian. My mother’s parents were from Russia and left shortly after the revolution in 1917. They emigrated to Mexico. My grandmother was a concert pianist. I learned to play classical and flamenco guitar in high school and still play occasionally. I love sports and have always been active is athletics including tennis, swimming, soccer, track, cycling, karate and gymnastics. I completed nine marathons and two half- ironman triathlons before my knees told me that was enough. It was my honor to serve in the medical tent for the Hawaii Ironman in 1991. My most inspirational moment occurred each of the three times I crossed the Boston Marathon finish line to the supportive roar of tens of thousands of people.

In my spare time now I enjoy reading, photography and cooking.

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