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Fillers are materials used by physicians to help smooth out wrinkles and depressed scars. Some can even be used to enhance skeletal features such as chins and cheekbones. Although there are many fillers available, I have whittled the list to three that I offer at my office: a patient’s own fat, JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™.


The filler I use most often is JUVÉDERM®. It is a preparation of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in connective tissues. The manufacturer has added a local anesthetic to the injectable making treatments much less uncomfortable, even when used in the lips. JUVÉDERM® typically lasts at least six months; in many patients I have found it to last substantially longer, although experiences vary. I use it for softening or smoothing out nasal-labial lines, under the corner of the mouth, to make lips fuller and to address lipstick bleed lines around the mouth.


LogoJUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is the only FDA-approved injectable filler designed to reduce signs of aging and volume deficit in the cheek region for patients who are at least 21 years of age. Similar to JUVÉDERM®, this innovative solution is composed of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid and contains a local anesthetic that can help decrease any potential discomfort during treatment. At my office, I use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC to help augment cheeks that have lost volume due to a variety of different factors. Additionally, this augmentation of the cheek regions can also help smooth moderate to severe wrinkles in the mid-face for a more youthful contour. Results often appear instantaneously and have been clinically proven to last up to two years in many cases; although actual patient experiences vary.


The most “natural” filler is a patient’s own fat. Special cannulae and collection filters are used. These limit the damage to the fat cells harvested. The fat is injected in a special way so as to maximize the chance of survival of the graft. The advantages of fat are that it will not be rejected and that any fat that takes is long lasting. Disadvantages include the discomfort of harvesting the fat, protracted swelling at the injection site and variable take of the graft. Most patients find that swelling and bruising will result in time off work ranging from several days to a week.

A filler (other than fat) can typically be injected one day with the patient returning to normal activities the next day. Some minor swelling and occasional bruising are possible but these can usually be camouflaged with make-up.


Interested in Other Injectable Treatments?

Patients interested in other minimally invasive injectables may also benefit from treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and/or KYBELLA®. BOTOX® injections can be great for minimizing frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, while KYBELLA® offers an innovative solution for non-surgically reducing the appearance of a double chin.

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