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Cosmetic nasal surgery is usually performed to reshape one or more of the features of the nose. Most commonly patients are unhappy with the size of their nose and/or a hump that they would like to straighten. Other complaints include thickness of the tip, wide nostrils, wide nose, plunging tip and crookedness. If I do not need to change the shape of the tip, surgery can be done through incisions inside the nose. If the tip needs to be worked on then I make a small, stepladder type incision across the base of the columella (the skin between the nostrils) and the remaining incisions are inside the nose. This incision routinely heals well and is almost invisible. It allows me to work on the tip cartilages in full view so I can do precise work. Bones are cut and narrowed after the hump is removed through the internal incisions. Rough edges are smoothened with diamond rasps. At the end of the operation, all incisions are closed and a protective splint is placed. Surgery takes two hours if no external incision is made and three hours if it is. External sutures are removed on the fifth day and internal sutures come out on their own. The splint is removed on the seventh day. At this point many patients choose to return to work though another week off is preferable. Nasal surgery can be done under local anesthesia but it is often hard for the patient if blood or secretions drip into the back of the throat and cause them to cough. For this reason, general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist is preferable. The tube will protect the airway from getting flooded with secretions or blood. Cosmetic nasal surgery and all procedures I do are performed exclusively by me in my state of the art, AAASF certified operating room. No part of the operation is done by any other surgeon, nurse or assistant.

Patients do not stay in a hospital or overnight facility but must be accompanied by a responsible adult the first night after surgery. If no external incision is made, final results are usually evident at three months. If the nasal tip cartilages are exposed, the tip swelling takes a full year to resolve. In the interim, swelling is not objectionable. The fine details take a year to become apparent. The end results of nasal cosmetic surgery are permanent.

Did you know that narrowing your nose too much can cause your nostrils to collapse when you breathe in?

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