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Brow Lift

A brow lift is an operation designed to reposition the brows so that they are placed higher over the eyes. Some people are born with low set eyes and others find that their brows have dropped over time. There are many ways described for raising brows. The most direct way is to remove a crescent of skin over each brow or in a natural forehead line above the brows. I personally do not like these two methods because of the visible scars that they leave behind. Another approach is to use three sutures under each brow and thread them under the forehead up to the scalp. Each end is secured to the surrounding tissues with a tiny patch of Gortex (used to repair heart defects and hernias). The sutures are tightened to elevate the brows to the desired height. This method is a satisfactory alternative to a full brow lift but tends to drop back over three to seven years.

“Thank you for such wonderful care. Your professionalism and caring nature gave me a sense of comfort that was much needed. Special thanks to Dr. Silberblatt, Dr. Perez (anesthesiologist), Kim and Shayna (nurses). Each of you calmed my nerves and made the process easier.”—LP, Roanoke, VA* Read More Testimonials

If the majority of the drooping is present on the lateral part of the brows, I have found that a lateral brow lift works well. In this operation incisions are made over the brows at the hairline and the skin is lifted off of the underlying tissues all the way to the upper rim of the eye socket bone. Excess skin is measured and removed and the incisions are closed. The scars are well hidden at the hairline. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia.

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A full forehead lift can be done using an incision that extends over the scalp from ear to ear or through smaller incisions in the scalp using the endoscope. Although both methods work well, I have found that I can fine-tune the result better by varying the amount of scalp removed using the open approach. This operation will not only raise both brows; it will also smooth forehead wrinkles and correct frown lines. There is typically some lasting numbness in the scalp behind the incision, but this procedure rarely needs to be re-done. Most patients tell me the numbness is not a problem and over time the numb areas diminish in size.

While it can certainly be performed on its own, brow lifting is often employed in combination with other treatments like facelift surgery and/or blepharoplasty for a more comprehensive aesthetic enhancement.

Did You Know?

Did you know that members of the bricklayer cast in the Hindu civilization used skin of the forehead raised in a similar manner to reconstruct noses over four thousand years ago?

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