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ultherapy logo goldUltherapy®, also referred to as Ulthera®, is an innovative procedure designed to nonsurgically rejuvenate the appearance of skin on the face, neck, and décolletage. Using ultrasound energy delivered deep into the skin’s foundational layer, this non-invasive technique can effectively lift and tighten skin while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the need for injectables or incisions. Additionally, little to no downtime is typically necessary after treatment. Ultherapy® may be an excellent option for patients who are seeking modest improvements to sagging skin and minor facial lines, as well as for those who are not interested in a surgical procedure like a facelift.

The Ultherapy® Procedure

During your procedure, the Ulthera® applicator will be used to send ultrasound energy waves deep into subcutaneous skin layers of the targeted treatment area. This energy works to heat foundational tissues at the appropriate depth, resulting in the stimulation of natural collagen production within the skin. Once produced, this new collagen helps to gradually lift, tighten, and strengthen your skin for a more youthful-looking appearance. Depending on the number of treatment areas you wish to address, the entire Ultherapy® procedure generally takes about one hour to complete.

Recovery and Results

Little to no recovery or downtime is typically associated with Ultherapy®, though you may experience minor swelling and/or redness in the targeted treatment areas. These symptoms should be temporary, and they often dissipate quickly. While actual results vary, you can generally expect gradual improvement over the course of about two to three months as new collagen continues to be produced. Ultimately, Ultherapy® can achieve excellent skin tightening and rejuvenation results for proper candidates who have realistic expectations.

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